November 4, 2010

Halloween: The Aftermath

Day One: They want candy for breakfast.

  day one more candy

You think about the consequences of either decision. After all, you don’t really know if you believe that Red Dye #40 is bad for you. Besides, it IS their candy.

more candy 2

more candy 3

And for the most part, the day is the same as any other day. But then Day Two rolls around.

day two

You think about it. The candy IS still theirs, and yesterday WAS fine. So, sure, more candy!

candy bowl

And again, everybody is mostly fine. They seem to be a little sticky, and sure, they might have a slight discoloration around the mouth, but really, where’s the harm in that?

 more candy 4

But then you get to day three.

mo candy

  more candy 6

The third days is filled with much crying and sobbing and whining and punching. All in the name of candy.

Then the fourth day rolls around, and they don’t even bother to ask about candy for breakfast…. 

You suspect something is up. But you don’t know for sure.

 day four

MEANWHILE…. they have a bright idea.

more candy 7

more candy 8

candy bowl

You CATCH them sneaking candy, and stop counting wrappers when you get to 100.

candy wrappers

Not even 10 minutes later, they’re at it again. 

7 minutes later


You distract them with games and toys and FRIENDS! OUTSIDE! LOOK! OUT THE WINDOW!

But sure enough, they sneak back into the kitchen.

more candy 8

That’s when you lose it.

no candy for you

gasp sob

Incidentally, that’s the same exact moment that your trophy arrives.

mother of the year 

Then you remind yourself that it IS only once a year….

candy bowl 

And you resign yourself to the fact that you’ll never win.

And that’s okay.


The End.