August 1, 2010

Home Base

We are home again (sorta… since we’re not “home” because we’re on vacation… but we’re back from the vacation from our vacation… my kids are confused too.)

Luckily, none of my kids threw up, which just further proves my point on the matter, but we did manage to get rained out of the Grand Canyon. It was a glorious first camping experience, and I’m just glad that nobody fell into the actual Canyon because we came pretty close more than once. (Why hello there heart attack.)

Moving on, let’s tell everyone who won the $50 shopping spree with CSN Stores. (because I know this is why you really come here.)

winner CSN stores

A big CONGRATS to Libby, who moved from A) know in cyberspace to B) know in real life earlier this summer. (Spring? Whatever season late May technically falls into.) At any rate, congratulations! You get free stuff! Yay!

And that’s pretty much it for today.

(I know, I have such eloquent endings to my blog posts.)