July 9, 2010

It just gets sadder by the minute

Over the Fourth of July, we visited the cemetery where my grandpa is buried.

Now, before we get any further into this, you have to know that my kids are completely and utterly confused by who is dead and who is NOT dead.

For the record: Grandpa Great is actually dead.

Not actually dead people are: my sister Verity (the one that just got married) and my brother Morgan.

Now, while Morgan thinks it's hysterically funny, Verity does not. She is very much ALIVE thankyouverymuch, and would like my children, mostly Danny, to recognize that fact. We thought she was making progress with the shortlings, but then we went to the cemetery.

We took flowers to the grave, and placed them near the headstone. We also took an American flag, because Grandpa-Great was a soldier.

After a few minutes, Danny started walking through the graveyard, looking at the headstones. After a while, he stopped. He stood in front of one in particular, sang a little song, then gently touched the marker and said, "Verity." When he was finished paying his respects he stood and walked back towards us. "Verity over 'der. Me miss her," he said.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus was reading all the names of the people who had passed on.... then he saw it.


"Dora is dead?!" he asked, the proof staring him right in the face. "This day just gets sadder and sadder by the minute!"

And with a dead Grandpa-Great, a dead Verity, and a very dead Dora the Explorer, who am I to argue?