July 12, 2010

Get off your soapbox

There is a marked difference between east and west coast Mormons. 

From the way we dress and style our hair, to the way we speak, east and west coasters are not the same breed of people. 

These differences are especially striking during the Sunday School portion of church. 

Maybe it's because in the area I live in, a solid 90% of the congregation works for the government. (And government workers here are also not the same as government workers there.) In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine my neighbors raising their hands, then launching into a lengthy political diatribe about just what is wrong with our government.  

Guess what, random dude that has no idea how America really works, you are damn lucky to live in a country where you have the privilege to publicly disagree with the people in power. You are also really stupid and idealistic and rose-colored-glasses, which is nice in theory, but awful in practicality. 

Of course, being the genius that you are, I'm sure you could "fix this country" by Friday. You know what I think would happen? I think that the real politicians would eat you alive. 

There isn't always a right way and a wrong way. Life isn't black and white. Most times, the choices are between bad, worse, worst. Rarely are the decision between good, better, and best. 

Here's another thing, America didn't fall into this mess overnight! Our current president, who deserves to be respected, certainly didn't cause the housing market to plummet, and he didn't start any kind of war, but you seem to forget that particular piece of information.

 And shall I point out the hypocrisy of your situation? Especially because as Mormons, we believe that one should respect and sustain the governments in which you reside. (Or did you forget that part?)

Bottom line: I don't care how much you dislike someone. The church pulpit? Is not your soapbox. Shame on you. 

P.S. While we're on the topic, I also would never vote for someone just because they're Mormon. I'm looking at you Mitt Romney.