June 23, 2010

Extra for speedy

Phase two of summer vacation is under way. 

This morning, DadGuy dropped us off at my parent's house before delivering himself back to the airport to catch a flight home. 

Now I get to get my kids all settled in, and then I can get some real work done. Which will be good for me, because I kinda really NEED to work. Just for my own sanity. I mean, a girl can only hang out with no plans for so long before she goes crazy. And yes, I did read a book. Actually, I've read 4.... in the last day and a half. Which is approximately 1600 pages. Which should answer any question you ever had about me and how I manage to "read so many blogs." It's because I'm super amazing and can read faster than you AND your mom.

Meanwhile, I need to know, what are your favorite words and/or phrases to use? I'm curious.