June 25, 2010


I didn't sign up my kids for swimming lessons because I think that just being the water every day will force them to figure it out.

So far, so good. 

Blayne is going to be a little fish in another week, and Thaddeus is following close behind. 

Daniel, who gets to wear arm floaties for another month, is practicing floating on his back, and has discovered that if he leans forward before he kicks, that he swims farther and faster with less effort. 

Taylor, who also wears arm floaties, simply bobs up and down in the water and laughs. Why kick when you can grab on to Mom or Grandpa or Aunt Meredith and be chauffeured around the pool anyways, right? 

Yesterday Meredith told the kids that every time they jumped off the diving board, alone, that she would give them a quarter. Thaddeus didn't trust her, Blayne earned $2, and Danny and Taylor don't understand money. 

This morning, Blayne stood at the edge of the diving board. "If I jump, you will give me a quarter?" 

"No," I answered, "I'll give you a high five though." 

She jumped and Taylor got on the board. 

"Help Momma. Come closer!" 

"No," I said. Taylor likes to jump, but only if she can hold the hand of whoever is supposed to be catching her. "If you jump, all by yourself, I will give you a chocolate." 

Taylor counted to three and jumped off the board.

Now if I can just figure out what to pay the boys with....