November 18, 2009

So, I'm not dead, I'm just busy. Which is almost the same thing, but not. OBV

It seems like the only way I get things done these days is with a bulleted list. All I can say is, don't let a good thing go to waste.

*I'm still working on a super awesome surprise with Motherboard. We're inching closer to the finish line, but SERIOUSLY guys, blood, sweat, and tears in the meantime.

*I had a really good week and thought I could skip parts of my routines.... Umm, MASSIVE FAIL. Who was up until 3 in the morning 4 nights in a row? Me. That's who.

*Did I mention that we're giving stuff away everyday over at MMB? Cause we are. We add two more giveaways every day because we love you that much. So far, we have giveaways from Spaces for Faces (Christmas Cards!),  Lambourne Photography (in Utah!), a brooch from Krize, a custom made dress for your darling from Monsoons and Mangoes, Gluten Free Cupcakes (or cookies!) from Sweet Cake Bake Shop, and super cute handmade fabric flowers from Shabby Bands! Go enter now because you have a really good chance of winning...

*I got a comment the other day from the Crap Blog Detective. Now, I know that some people might not like being told their blog is crap, but seriously guys, it was the funniest thing ever. Even BETTER is that some people take his comments all seriously and them leave him nasty comments BACK! Hands down hilarious.

*I have this weird pain thing in my left side so I googled my symptoms (OBVIOUSLY) Good news! I'm pregnant! Bad news! That is in no way possible! So now I'll have to go to an actual doctor and have an actual conversation and an actual check up. Sigh. It's like the internet is trying to ruin my day.