November 29, 2009

My Christmas Letters

Dear AzĂșcar,

I want you to know that I DID eat some pie crust this year and I didn't totally hate it. Baby steps, I am taking them.



Dear Elementary School,

I will be taking my son out of school this next week so that we can see Santa. I know you don't get why I can't just go on the weekend. Here's the thing, I hate standing in line. I especially hate standing in line with my kids. So, we're just going to go during school hours to avoid as much social interaction as humanly possible.

~the kindergarten mom


Dear  Patience,

Stop being so elusive. While I have a grand time trying to find you, it is a rather lot of work. If you could maybe just tap me on the shoulder or even better, knock me upside the head sometimes, I'd be eternally grateful.

~please let them live another day