November 13, 2009

From the desk of MomBabe

* I changed my comments back to "normal" or whatever. At any rate, for all of you guys who complained to me about having to type in stuff (and yet can write me an entire email) YOU'RE WELCOME.

* This also means that you should probably stop boycotting my comment section. After all, comments are my love language.

* Me and the Motherboard are planning a wicked awesome special surprise that has just about everything to do with our lovechild, MMB. I would give you more details, but then you wouldn't have anything to look forward to. {frown smile}

* I'm completely awful at remembering birthdays. You know, until after the fact. So happy birthday to my baby sister Verity, Aunt Karen and Aunt Kathy. I'm sure I missed someone else, but that's how it is sometimes.

*Speaking of birthdays, remember last year when I had to compensate for the horrible neighbor boys? We again have birthdays coming up and I'm at a loss for what to do. I hate children's birthday parties, but I don't want people to be wallowing in self pity on their birthday either. THE LINE, IT IS BLURRED.

* Meanwhile, can you even believe my baby boy is going to be SIX? Weird. Still, even weirder/super fun will be on December 1, when I have two 5 year olds for a day. Irish twins, I has some.

* I'm in charge of the Super Saturday for my ward. I tell you this so you can sympathize with me, not about the actual event, but the collecting of monies for such event. Here is how it works, we put out sign ups, telling you how much things cost. You have the option to take the free classes, or to sign up for un-free classes where the teacher will bring supplies. You have to pay for your own supplies. I cannot/will not, front you the money. I will just not get you the supplies. Seriously, so sad that you can't follow the rules.

* My thermostat is set at 65. I only tell you this because last year, when I was a brand new transplant, I'm pretty sure I had it running at a steady 82 degrees. What an improvement. 

*And that, my friends, is what comes from the desk of MomBabe today.