July 23, 2009

Updates and other Stuff


I don't have internet access right now. How lame is that? Our computer was having issues, so I had the Comcast people out to look at it. Apparently, something is wrong with OUR computer so in true DadGuy fashion, he promptly canceled the internet and said we can get the computer fixed after we move. AFTER WE MOVE PEOPLE. What that really means is September.

And yes, I'm super pissed.


In other news, the house looks good to go. No scams thus far. I think this one will actually work out, except that I may have just cursed it by telling you. I'd show you a picture except for that whole, "computer doesn't work" thing.


I need your help explaining to the DadGuy just why I need internet. I told him that it wasn't fair because he gets to go to work and talk to grown ups all day and this is pretty much my interaction with people. THEN I played the whole, "but how will I do my church stuff? Everything is email. waa-aahh!" thing, but he told me I was being stupid. I even used the "But your MOM reads my blog! And she likes when I put up pictures of the grandbabies! How will she see the Grandbabies!" and he rolled his eyes.

Seriously though, no pictures, g-ma.


The winner of the Ni Hao, Kai-lan DVD is comment #1 Sharon. Good job Sharon, it will be sent to you soon.


There's not really a five. I mean, I guess I could make something up. But mostly I just want to apologize in advance because I am going to be a shoddy blogger/editor for the next little while. So, uhh, yeah. (Motherboard, call me.) And anyone else that I normally email regularly, call me. Because my life is in a SAD SAD STATE OF EXISTENCE RIGHT NOW. But you can expect updates maybe weekly. Maybe. You know, if I can get to the library by myself or "borrow" my friends computers for an extended period of time.


Seriously. {eye roll}