July 24, 2009

I. Win.

The internet is BACK ON at my house.

And I didn't even have to pull out the secret weapon.... a genius plan called, "We'll just see who really is the spoiled one."

Nope, I get to keep that gem for use at a later time.

But just in case you were wondering, it goes a little something like this:


Oh hi car that I didn't want. I hate lifting people in and out of you. You're just too tall. I hate that I have to sorta half jump to get in my seat. I really wanted a minivan. But DadGuy said he wouldn't be caught dead driving a minivan. Thus, we have you.


Oh hi new couch that is kinda ugly. I really wanted the yellow and brown tweed couch (with red piping!) that came with a 5 year warranty, a sleeper, and a chaise. DadGuy wanted a "sectional". {shudder}


Oh hi humongous (wall mounted flat screen) television. When I said "Sure, go ahead and get a bigger TV." I didn't realize that meant we were getting a TV bigger than me. Now everyone that walks into our house knows our TRUE priorities. (Oh hi lifesize actors.) (and no that's not my TV. Mine is BIGGER.)


Oh hi, I can't believe she's bringing this up, travertine floor. I liked you. I really did.... BUT ONLY ON THE FLOOR. Remember that one time when DadGuy thought that instead of trimming out the doors, he'd tile all around them instead? And remember that one time when he used my NAIL DRILL and then BROKE MY 3/32" CARBIDE BIT to cut out a piece of my kitchen counter instead of cutting the tile around it? And remember how he didn't ever grout until we moved out and were about to drive across the country? Yeah.


Oh hi teeny tiny townhouse that we haven't even moved into yet. I know you are more "cost effective" what with your teeny-tininess and all, but seriously. THERE ARE SIX OF US.


Oh hi, piano. Or should I say, oh BYE piano? Yes, I'm still bitter about not bringing my piano to the east coast. I'd get over it, but then I remember that I can't. DadGuy said there was no way he was taking "that thing" with him. DadGuy said I could get a new one as soon as we got here.... Oh hi, calendar, has it already been a year?


Oh hi Jeep that quite literally showed up at my house one afternoon. Remember when DadGuy disappeared to make a deposit at the bank one day and then didn't come home? And I called his mom, and my mom, and the police, and the hospitals, just for him to show up a few hours later with you? Yeah, me too.



(I think the case has been made in my favor.)