July 17, 2009


As I'm getting ready to move, I find myself daydreaming about all the fun ways I'm going to decorate. In my head, my house is darling and welcoming, without being overly DONE. It's hard to explain the style I'm going for as it's an eclectic mix of country/vintage/modern.

So I've been working up a color scheme, and I've been mentally making a checklist of all the things I'm going to need. (*cough*PIANO*cough*) It doesn't help that I've subscribed to approximately 80 million design blogs this past month. I've almost convinced myself that I'm a traditional girl, even though I don't truly like the styling. Then I'll see a gorgeous kitchen that's stainless steel and granite, and I'll sigh a little and tell myself, "One day..." when in reality, I don't even like granite.

Anyways, since I'm just dying to talk about this with someone, and the DadGuy could care less, I'm going to show YOU what I'm currently loving.

1: Conservatories

Except mine will be black. And no mosaics. And sit on a small table. In my entry way. And be filled with something green and/or seasonal. And maybe I'll make an extra one for the 2nd floor deck. To grow my herbs in.... Maybe.

2. Amy Butler Fabric

pink + green = happy happy MomBabe. *Totally unrelated, my new couch (who's color was called "Espresso") is not even remotely brownish. Not even on a tan scale. It's PINK. A pale, dusty pink, but PINK nonetheless. **Also totally unrelated, DadGuy picked it out. At least the color will work well. Size and scale, not so much. ***Another totally unrelated thing, pick your battles. He got the couch. It's now my turn. ****Again, unrelated, mwuah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

3. White Dishes

Once upon a time, I bought dishes that were patterned with strawberry vines. Then when I got engaged, I registed for a beautiful pattern from Lennox called Butterfly Meadow. Guys, those dishes have been in boxes for the last 8 years. Because I have never rarely use them. I wish I would have just gotten the plain white. Because they're pretty AND sensible and food looks so much better on white, does it not?

4. Peonies

Especially the pink ones. I just love them. How can you not?

5. Gardens in Small Places.

Like this one. THAT is a chicken feeder. But I'm thinking I could totally do that with a rain gutter, and THEN it would super easily attach to the deck railing... Because I have to figure out how to fit all the contents of my dream garden into pots and urns and chicken feeders. (*true story, when I moved here and had to BUY PRODUCE I pretty much died. I miss my fruit trees and my parent's garden. Like srsly, do you know how much they charge for lettuce? DO YOU?)

6. Painted Floors

{dies} I mean, LOOK at that, do I even have to explain? And I have this perfect little entryway spot that is DYING to be painted. Maybe not that ornately, but it's feeling neglected. It told me so. THE POSSIBILITIES!

And that's pretty much all I got right now because I'm sick of formatting, which is, I believe, single handedly responsible for killing the soul of many a blogger.

P.S. you entered to win a DVD, yes?