July 14, 2009

Boring Tuesday PSA and stuff...

So you may have noticed that there's more pictures on this blog now.

Yeah, that's called. "I'm lazy and combined another blog."

Good news, I'm down to just this one!

Well, sorta. I mean, I still have the MMB to take care of, but that's YOUR STUFF, not mine. Big difference.

(Not that any of you particularly CARE about things like that, but I'm excited so you should be too.)

In other unrelated and possibly boring news, I have Enrichment meeting tonight, and my printer is on the fritz. Which pretty much blows because I have all the answers to the family feud game waiting to be printed. AND my handout. (BOTH of which, I need to mention, are TOTALLY AWESOME)

So, do you live by me and if yes, do you have a printer that works and isn't out of ink?