June 15, 2009

Three things...

FIRST of all, I have a giveaway over at my review blog, and I'm only mentioning it here because no one actually reads my review blog. (Shame on you. ALL OF YOU.) AND it sorta would be a really good Father's Day gift. AND I can probably (98% chance) get it to you in TIME for Father's Day. So, that's all I'm saying on the matter. Unless of course, you click here. (in which case my sponsor thanks you.)

SECOND. I got a blog award. And at first I was going to email MissBee back and say, thanks but I really don't "do" blog awards, but then I thought, wow, that's rude. And then I thought, well, I USED to do blog awards, but they I got annoyed of them and stopped and even took them down, and then I thought, what the trash MomBabe, what is your problem with awards anyways? And then I thought, it's not so much the awards themselves so much as I'd rather win CASH. IN CLOSING. Thanks for my award, I love it and am not sharing it with anyone. Not even my loyal readers because then they might steal it for themselves and I will not allow that. Nope, I will not.

THIRDLY. We are already planning some renovations in our new house. Here's the plan so far. Roughly....

You know, barring any unforeseen problems such as (...honest to goodness, i don't know what they would be...)

And how is YOUR Monday my dears?