June 19, 2009

Just random things that I'm thinking about today.

I know, I haven't been around much. I promise you though, I am still watching/reading everything.

First off, let's talk about Stephanie Pratt saying The Hills made her bulimic. Here's the thing.


Phew, glad to get that off my chest. And to UsWeekly for putting that on the cover? Thanks for wasting a cover on yet another so called "celebrity" I'm over the Pratts. All of them.

Meanwhile, HAVE WE EVER SEEN SPENCER'S PARENTS? I mean, do they even exist? And why do they refuse to be on the show? Is it because they actually have morals and are as appalled/horrifed by their kids behavior as we are?


In more "breaking news" Kate Gosselin was caught on camera spanking one of her kids. Again, I'm going to go with the whole


thing. I think that almost every parent, at one time or another, has probably spanked their kid. We just have the good fortune of not having it caught on camera and thrown in our face. And I especially love the headline claiming she spanked her child IN PUBLIC!

Because actually, no. It wasn't in public. It was at her own home, in her own yard, and the glorious folks that hound her incessantly saw it.

What kills me are the comments about the spanking. And the comments about her beating her child. I mean, how old are those kids? and this is the first time someone's ever saw her spanking anyone? GET REAL. I'm sure that house is not even remotely "dangerous" as some of the idiots are claiming.


And a big belated congratulations to New Jersey Housewife, Jacqueline, on the birth of her baby boy. We all know how much you wanted another child, and one miscarriage is enough to rock you to the core, let alone 4 in a row. So you enjoy that delicious new baby... congrats.