June 19, 2009

Fauxto Shoot

My sister is living with us.

Everyone keeps asking us "Why? What happened?" Like there has to be some sort of horrible drama involved.

The truth is, NOTHING happened. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

She's young, single, and if she wants to move to the east coast on a whim,


For the record, we really love having her.

In fact, DadGuy is doing his best to entice her to stay.

His latest shenanigans involve setting up BLIND DATES for her.

Okay, maybe "blind date" isn't the right word.

But he has arranged things.

For Example:

She's not home right now.

She's on a date, with a guy that she's never met before.

that interns for DadGuy.
We asked "Is he cute?"

"How tall is he?"

"What's his name again?"

DadGuy said:

"He's about my height, and I don't know if he's cute, he's not UGLY."

(BTW: he sorta looks like Taylor Lautner... you know, Jacob, from Twilight?)

Then DadGuy says:

"Besides, he has a job."

And that was that.