June 5, 2009

Home Buying

As you may (or may not) know, we're in the market for a house. Which would be wonderful if all the homes that are "for sale" were for actual sale and not for pretend sale by homeowners who don't actually want to move so much as they want the bank to lower their interest rate.

AND of the 47 or so properties in my neighborhood that are "for sale" only TWO are actual, real sales. The others are short sales. Which is not at all a fun thing to deal with. And those TWO homes have multiple offers on them, for beyond asking price, because no one wants to deal with the amount of crap involved in purchasing a short sale home.

On Tuesday, we put an offer on a gorgeous home with an acre lot.

We were out bid in less than 4 hours.

Now we've submitted an offer to another property, but I'm thinking that unless you all start praying for us, we're not going to get that one either.


The best part of this experience is our budget. We still own our home in Arizona, so our budget for this house is significantly LESS than it should be. (Anyone want to buy a house in Mesa?) (I kid....sorta)

No, wait, I change my mind. THE ABSOLUTE BEST PART OF HOUSE HUNTING is the initial entrance into the homes.

I just don't know which of my senses should be offended first. Should I protect my eyes from the blindingly awesome paint/tile/DIY carpeting/drywall repair mishaps? Or should I put my hand over my nose and mouth and try to not breathe, lest I inhale the toxic fumes that are making my eyes tear?

Today, my nose fell right off my face and ran to the door. It was quite the accomplishment because I had no idea that my face came in pieces. I also didn't know that my nose had legs, but it does. Cute little super fast tiny ones. (how many adjectives can YOU put in one sentence?)

Then I think of how sad that must be that someone actually LIVED in those conditions ON PURPOSE.

Of course, I have to walk through the entire house anyways, because as much as I hate to admit, there are lots of remodeling type things that I will have to can do myself. Besides, if the house is cheap enough, I can get a contractor to do the work.

And we all know I'm good at the bossing.

And now since that's all I had to say, but can't think of a clever ending, I'm just going to hit publish and walk away.