June 10, 2009

Baby Safe Travel

Ahh, traveling with children. One of the most miserable experiences a parent has to go through.


Unless: you get a good hotel that provides clean cribs and a microwave
Unless: your room is big enough to accommodate all the extra equipment that babies need
Unless: you check out BabySafeTravel.com

The whole premise behind Baby Safe Travel was exactly that. New parents were traveling and they got stuck in a crappy hotel. They wanted to tell other parents. And so, BabySafeTravel was born.

The site is full of tips for traveling, and they have product recommendations so you can see what would fit your needs best. Like this tot seat.

It's machine washable and can be shoved into the corner of your suitcase or bag. Perfect for jet-setting.

They also RATE HOTELS so that you can discover for yourself the best, most child friendly, places to stay.

But the best feature is the ability for YOU to put YOUR OPINION about the hotel on the website. Was it clean? Was it worth the money? Did it smell funny? (Because seriously. Some of the places I've stayed just didn't smell clean. yuck.)

Thankfully, I can avoid that for the rest of forever now.

So go and register with BabySafeTravel.com today. You CAN travel with kids. You just have to do your research.