May 15, 2009

Things NOT to do when heavily medicated

1. Blog. Yeah, I said it. It can only go downhill from here.

2. Drive. In my defense, we were out of ice. I NEEDS ICE.

3. Email people about house listings. You know, because I'm thinking that I sound a wee bit crazy when I cyber scream. HOW MANY BEDROOMS? DO YOU HAVE SUCKY NEIGHBORS? WERE YOU NICE TO YOUR HOUSE? OR DOES IT REFLECT THE AWESOME AMOUNT OF LAZY OWNERSHIP THAT I'VE RUN INTO AS OF LATE?

4. Answer the phone. You're not going to remember WHAT you're talking about, and sometimes, you might not ever remember WHO you're talking about to.

5. Comment on blogs. You know, unless you're me and you tell yourself that a comment's a comment, no matter how incoherent it may appear.

6. Unless of course you're an idiot and want to join in BusyDad's weekend blog hoppers. Which is so much fun and I move that the revival continues, m'kay?