April 21, 2009

The Hills

First off, good job getting Spencer to go to therapy, Heidi. Unfortunately, we all know you're still dating because you throw that in our face every time you're photographed making out at the park. So don't get me all excited that you might be growing a brain and breaking up when it's NOT TRUE.

I love love LOVE that Stephanie Pratt is working at a REAL JOB where people expect her to like, WORK. You can see in her eyes that she thought she was going to be important or something and instead she gets yelled at. Priceless.

Brody. Your girlfriend is super cute. Audrina is a hooker hood rat. (Evidence A,B,C, Justin Bobby) If she doesn't want you to talk to her, don't. She's not worth it.

and Lauren! You were barely on the show this week, so, yeah.