March 2, 2009

Monday Workout

The Bingham Diaries

So. Last week.

Went to aerobics on Monday. Could do *most* of the exercises, just less range of motion than some of the other gals. There was a little bit of pilates thrown in towards the end, and, umm, YEAH. My core? LAUGHABLE. Seriously. Oh well, since I'm not going to be 100% healed from my hysterectomy for another 6-8 months, I'll worry about it then.

Unfortunately, I didn't make the Wednesday or the Friday class because I'm not used to going yet. So brilliant me scheduled other things DURING the class time. le' sigh. Not to worry, I've written it down on both my calendars (in pen!) so that won't be happenning again.

Today's class is cancelled because it snowed, so I plan on doing one of the video's I have, at 9:00 am, just to get myself into a habit.

Speaking of habits, I've been MUCH better about eating after my kids go to bed. I've also been going to bed earlier, which has helped immensely, as has simplifying things in general. Less stress = me eating better. WHO EVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

Oh, AND, I was asked TWICE, by two different people, if I'd lost some weight. I don't know, but I sure hope so. I really need to invest in a good sturdy scale that cannot be thrown down the stairs.

In other news, I've lost an whole inch and a half off my waist this week, and my hips are down half an inch..... I'll take it!

So, how'd you do this week? (you can even tell me. comments are BACK ON.)