February 4, 2009

Number of the Day: 6

It's been exactly one month since my hysterectomy. And I had the pleasure of an internal exam to make sure nothing was separating. FUN TIMES.

My most favoritest part was the weigh in.... No really.

See, because I have been LAYING AROUND DOING NOTHING, one would think that that would lead to a weight gain, or at the very least, weight maintenance.


I am down 6 pounds.



After a month of complete and total inactivity.

It's nice to not have crazy insane horrible fat hormones.

(And don't tell me they aren't.)


I haven't even been eating that healthy because DadGuy's been the boss of that, and, well, you know how dad's are.

So, to everyone that was maybe a little bit doubtful of the role hormones play in your ability to lose weight?

P.S. neiner-neiner-neiner