January 9, 2009

Modern Day Princess

Every person’s life is a fairytale written by God’s fingers.
~ Hans Christian Anderson

Hi! I am Red Lotus Mama. Most of you probably don't know me, so let me tell you my unfinished story ...

Once upon a time in a suburb of Los Angeles I was born to Filipino immigrants. My parents moved here for a life of opportunity and met each other on a blind date. Their courtship was quick, but their hard work, pure love and common goals made their marriage a fairytale. My parents had me when they were older and their careers were set. They are planners and goal setters and their plan for me was to present the best opportunity and let me choose my path. I am their only child and often teasingly called a "princess". Not in the definition Disney would give you, but more on the lines of spoiled or pampered.

I hated being called a "princess" knowing that was what people thought of me. So, I became rebellious enough to make "questionable" choices constantly challenging my parents hair to turn gray faster. I am strong willed, passionate, and loyal all to a fault. I moved away after high school just far enough to feel independent, but not far enough to feel alone. Eventually I settled on a life in San Francisco that seemed to be perfect with the exception of me constantly searching for a Prince Charming or a Knight in Shinning Armor to make my fairytale complete.

Then along came a man who was vibrant, thrilling and exactly the opposite of who my parents envisioned I would spend the rest of my life with. I turned off any sense and sensibility and kissed this man for better or for worse. I thought for sure my "happily ever after" was coming true. We moved closer to our families and started our own. Then something happened. It was like the clock struck midnight and everything magical started to transform into what they really were. My castle was a run down over priced condo, my bank account was constantly dry, and my prince was actually a frog. The only beautiful thing I was left with was my beautiful daughter to remind me that there is the possibility of "happily ever after".

So, here I am ... a princess without a prince, a single mom in a modern day fairytale, a woman in charge of my own happily ever after. Please come visit me to see how my story unfolds.

Thank you, MomBabe, for letting me share my unfinished story!


Anytime doll! Thanks for holding down the fort!