January 3, 2009

Judgy McJudgePants

So the throwing up thing? Not food poisoning. And now, THREE of the shortlings are experiencing fever/rashes/diarrhea/AND vomiting. Together. It's as if Satan descended upon our house and decided to throw a party.

STILL, since my sister is visiting and there's only a few "fun" days left, we had to do something fun. So we headed down to Washington DC to see what we could see.

And let me tell you, we see'd a lot of ugly.

Now I'm no fashion diva. But there are a few things I feel pretty strongly about.


Leggings are different than pantyhose and tights.... and sometimes they can be interchanged but lots of times THEY CANNOT. So when you're thinking that you want to be cute and show off your skinny legs, GREAT! But make sure you're wearing actual LEGGINGS and not SHEER TIGHTS. Especially when you are completing the look with a regular length shirt..... I'm just saying.... it looks like you forgot your skirt....

The other issue I have is with


Common Sense
would tell you that it's cold outside and that you should wear pants...

Common Sense would tell you that it's cold outside, and you should wear socks....

Common Sense would tell you that it's cold outside, and that you should just maybe, quite possibly be wearing closed toe/closed heel shoes.

Common Sense would tell you that this looks really, REALLY stupid.

And does having buttons on the leg warmers make them better? I feel otherwise. When we passed you and you were all shivering and saying "It's so COLD!" I was muttering, "of course you're cold you dummy. You're wearing SANDALS and no hose, or tights, or heaven forbid pants... And with LEG WARMERS that are most definitely NOT SOCKS."

Now, that may have been the mother in me, but I'm thinking it was more along the lines of my actual brain working. I mean, leg warmers that aren't warming your legs. I think someone should get her money back.

And that's pretty much how my day went. I spent it JUDGING YOUR WARDROBE. Good times.