December 29, 2008

*This is my 423rd published post.

My kids broke my camera. Well, I'm blaming it on them. It could have very well been myself, but since the last time I touched it til' NOW it has broken.... And since I don't remember drop kicking it, I'm totally calling out the toddlers.

What I can't figure out is HOW. Because the LCD screen broke. There is NO. OUTER. DAMAGE. It's interior, behind the glass screen. Heaven almighty, I have no clue as to the HOW.

In other news, I snuck out of church early yesterday. With my whole family. So I guess it wasn't all that sneaky, but still.

Why did we sneak out? Oh, no reason. Other than I had forgotten to drug myself up before hand and as my uterus was spasming and causing every last nerve in my body to send shooting pains up and down my back and legs, I decided that I we had had enough church for the day. So we went home, where I took lots of pills, and layed on the couch for a couple of hours.

Currently, I'm highlighting my own hair. Because, major eweth. I'll be sure to post a picture of the new and improved hair color after it's finished. I'm going for bold blonde chunks... Unless it doesn't work out. In which case we'll give burgundy a shot. Because I'm pretty sure I haven't had burgundy hair for at least 6 years....

Also, I like to spell blonde with an "e" even though spell check likes it without the "e". Which do you prefer?

*Completely aware that the title has nothing to do with anything at all other than can you believe I've stuck with blogging that long? Whodathunk? Oh, and totally planning to stick around for at least that many more. el fin.