December 30, 2008


Guys, it's like, SO HARD to take a picture of oneself when you can't see the screen on your camera. Anyways.


(It's just blonder and cuter than yours)

In OTHER news.... I'm totally a finalist for the 2008 Weblog awards. Oh yes she did! AND it's because I have mad parenting skillz. Don't be hatin'. (actually, you should totally be hatin because I am now *officially* a better parent than YOU.... I mean, that's what it means, isn't it? ISN'T IT! It's not? Crap.)

At any rate, it made my day. We might have to go to the playground and celebrate or something. I might even put an *extra scoop of laundry detergent in the wash! Whoa.

*I won't. Do I look like I'm made of money? GAH.