November 9, 2008

Deep Space

We had our primary program today. Which, for those of you who aren't LDS, is when the Primary aged kids show us (the congregation) what they've learned in church the past year... it's always really cute.)

Anyways. Thaddeus and Blayne both said their lines, INTO THE MICROPHONE. And yes, I'm telling you that they said it INTO THE MICROPHONE because that was the only reason the agreed to say anything at all. Because have you ever TALKED INTO A MICROPHONE? After they said their parts, they were supposed to go back to their seats but of course, that would have been nice.

Instead, they both had meltdowns and had to leave their teachers and come sit with us because, you know, their teachers might have the audacity to LOOK at them or even worse, ASK THEM TO SING. {horror}

After church, we were discussing what we learned and talking about which songs we liked best. Which prompted the following conversation.

Thaddeus: "Everyone that lives on earth is a child of God."

Me: "Yep. Everyone."

Thaddeus: "Yep. Everyone. Except Astronauts. Caus
e they live IN SPACE."

Well played, Thaddeus, well played.