October 16, 2008

The Name Game

Names invariably play a heavy role in your life. I know mine does. A good name has the potential of getting you an job interview, just as a bad name has the opposite effect. (Seriously guys, don't name your kids after cars. Have you ever met a CEO named Chevrolet? That's what I thought) So I'd like to share some of the observations I've had over the years. Feel free to correct me or add to the list.

All the Christine's I know have red hair. Even if they spell it Kristine.

And every Tracy is married to a Jeff, but all Jeff's aren't married to Tracy's.

The Rebecca/Rebekah/Rebeca's are super sweet, super talented, and super humble.

And invariably, every Jen I know is crazy funny.

Todd's are stalkers.

And Troy's are sweet. Even the "fake" Troy's like in HSM.

Lauren's are sincere

Nancy's have curly hair.

And I've never met a Danny I didn't like.

Based on what you know about me, what do you think my name is?

P.S. No cheating.