October 16, 2008

Hi. I'm MomBabe and I'm an Idiot.

Sometimes I don't read things very well. It's not that I don't love what was written, it's just that I was so! dang! EXCITED! that I stopped reading and didn't realize all the rules. (Kinda like on The Amazing Race when they say to walk to the next destination but then invariably some idiot hails a cab? I'm the idiot.)

But since I'm openly admitting this, can I just infer a tiny penalty and not be banned from the contest? Not that I even know if I am banned, I'm just saying, I'M AN IDIOT. (and you can't very well blame me for something I have no control over. really. no control whatsoever.)

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, HERE YOU GO.

Darling Sue wants to help with the NieNie Recovery Fund, and humor is the best medicine. So she held a contest where you submitted funny funny stories.... I say "held" because the deadline for submissions was September 30.

And I know that this is so much after the fact that I'm telling you all, but, well, I'M AN IDIOT. And I really really want to be included. Because how awesome would it be to be all "Oh yeah, YOU CAN TOTALLY BUY MY BOOK" or "In my first book..." or anything that would make me sound important and PUBLISHED.

So, umm, thirty minute penalty?

*and it was a totally awesome story. If I *don't* get picked, then I'll post it. Otherwise, you'll just have to buy my book.

**I'm already getting possessive. My book, ha!

***I'm also assuming that you'll still let me in despite my idiot-ness and that I'm not actually banned otherwise I'm going to cry myself to sleep. no really. i will.

****The tears are already forming....

(editor's note: I submitted on time. I just didn't do the link back thing on time.)