October 18, 2008

How to Make a Tutu

Tutu's are really stinkin' cute. And if you have little girls, let me tell you right now, THEY NEED A TUTU. And since I'm so nice and helpful and all, I'm going to show you the easiest way EVER to make a tutu. Just in time for Halloween.... aren't I the nicest? SO, first things first, you need TULLE and ELASTIC. How much tulle largely depends on how full you want your tutu. More tulle = more fluff.

Step One: Measure the elastic for your tutu:

Step Two: Cut the tulle into strips

Step Three: Trim the edges

Step Four: Tie the knot

Step Five: Repeat step 4

To make a fuller tutu, layer 2-3 strips of tulle on top of one another, and then tie it to the elastic.

Tie knots at the bottom for a simple variation.

Short tutu's are perfect for toddlers and newborns.

And longer tutu's can be tied behind the neck and worn as a dress! (You'll need a LOT of tulle to make a tutu dress.)

And that is our How To Make a Tutu Tutorial!