October 3, 2008

5 Love Languages of Blogging

Have I ever told you about the 5 love languages of blogging? 
Because there are, love languages I mean. 

As bloggers and readers, we all speak a different language. And we go through phases, where sometimes one language is more important than another. Most of us speak all the languages, but it's the order that can get us into trouble. Not every blogger is going to speak your same language. And feelings can get hurt when our blogging needs are not met by the people we blog with.

So to shed a little light on the situation, I give you:

The 5 Love Languages of Blogging:


* Lurkers

Lurkers: (def.) someone who regularly reads your blog, but does not participate.
(They're just like secret admirers.... kinda)

Some lurkers have blogs. Others do not. Some may subscribe to your feed, others have no idea what a feed is. But they come. Every day. For you.

In real life, a lurker may be "delurked" through routine conversation. Because they may mention something that you wrote about, but did not receive this information from you. This is when you call them out and demand them to comment. (Because we know you're there, PEDER.)

Lurkers generally admire the bloggers they so quietly stalk. Sometimes, lurkers may be your ex-boyfriends wife. (Hi.) Sometimes they're people you've never even met. (Hi.) But they stumbled onto your blog, and they are here to stay.

Lurkers are nervous about leaving comments. Sometimes they feel like they do not have anything witty to say. Or they disagree with you. Fear not, dear lurkers. We would probably love to hear what you have to say. But you don't have to say anything. You have permission to lurk as long as you like.


Bloggers have egos. Egos need to be stroked.

Comments are a wonderful way for bloggers to interact with their readers. And as any blogger will tell you, they read each and every comment, and appreciate each and every word. Commenting provides feedback for the author; it lets them know if their words encouraged you, inspired you, touched you, made you mad, made you laugh.... Your words offer perspective, and help build confidence which in turn inspires the blogger to write more.

Other considerations: every blogger loves comments, but not every blogger leaves comments. Some comment religiously, even when they have nothing to say, while others never comment, though your words have touched them on some core level.

Besides, every blogger I've ever met is a comment junkie.. ♫ They want it, they need it, they gots to! gots to! gots to! have it...♫


hyperlink: the text that you can "click" on that will take you to another web page.

Hyperlinking is a simple service that shows you care. A link to another web page or site is exhilarating. It's like finding a hidden treasure. There are SO. MANY. GREAT. WRITERS. And most of them blog because they love it. And we would never have found them, if it wasn't for you, you hyperlinking fanatic.

Hyperlinking also lets the other bloggers know you love them. It physically shows them that you are a fan. That you notice what they say. That you think they're brilliant. Or funny. Or awesome. Hyperlinking is a recommendation. It's as if you're saying, "Hey, if you like me, you'll LOVE this guy!" It's the ultimate compliment.

Hyperlinking makes the world go round. I would have never found girls like this, if not for the hyperlink.

*Blog Rolling

There is no greater gift than to be added to someone's blogroll. (except for commenting...)

Blogrolls are delicate things. People pay great attention to who IS and who is NOT on your blogroll. It directly affects their self worth. (Especially if you know you used to be on someone's blogroll, and now you've magically disappeared.) ahem.

And while some of us may feel the desperate need to be included on the blogroll, we need to understand that they are beastly things and most are not updated regularly. (Even though after announcing you have updated and we're still not on it, we get our cyber feelings hurt and we try not to dwell on it, but for the love! What do I have to do to get on your stupid blogroll already?!?!?!) ahem.


These are the serious blog readers.

Subscription to a feed makes bloggers feel warm and cozy. Especially when we see the numbers rising. (and falling. stupid unsubscribe button. grrrrr.)

And although subscription numbers may not match up to comment numbers, and may leave us wondering, who the heck is reading this anyways, we feel secure. Because while you may not publicly declare your love for us, you subscribe to our feed, because you have to read us. It's a simple act that declares your love. And you do subscribe out of love, and not obligation. Because people that have aggregators like Bloglines and Google Reader, are serious blog fanatics. They simply do not have the time to comment on every blog they read. But they are reading.... oh yes, THEY. ARE. READING.


So there it is. The Five Love Languages of Blogging according to me, the MomBabe.

Which is your primary language?