September 25, 2008

Yes, I really notice things like this.

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I'm pretty sure the Barq's root beer can was designed for left-handed people. No seriously. Because if you hold it in your right hand, you cover up the label and what shows on the other side is the nutrition information, which as we all know is like, 87 grams sugar, and some root beer extract or whatever it is that they actually use to make root beer, and a little bit of caffeine. POINT IS: there is no nutritional value.

But I thought that left-handedness was the recessive gene and therefore less dominant, so wouldn't it make more sense for the Barq's design to be the opposite way? So that when the right handed people are drinking it, the label shows clearly? Or do you think that Barq's only wants left handed people to drink their soda? Or do you think they never even thought about it, and now since someone finally noticed it, that there will be a big soda scandal?

(like that would ever happen. But can you imagine the 5 o'clock news for that one? "Important Recall: distributors ashamed of design and want you to return any purchase so that they can save face." mostly it would be hysterical.... unless it was on purpose in which case can you imagine the lawsuits for discriminating right handed people? Oh, the monstrosity!*)

Meanwhile, I went to the website to swipe a picture of a can and was distracted by all the shiny sparkly things. Such as this: did you know you can become a Barq's deputy? And then you get to try and catch Barqy? Who is destroying the Barq's website? And Barqy is a cute little dog made out of a soda can?

Obviously, I'm easily amused.

*okay, let's get real. The real monstrosity is how much I love run-on sentences. I've never met one I didn't like. For reals. And I'm kinda ashamed that this little *asteric* isn't one big sentence. I'll try to do better in the future.