September 7, 2008

Sometimes when it rains, it pours.

The basement flooded yesterday. As in, water was pouring in through the window (thank you Hurricane Hanna) And yes, the window was closed. Because apparently, when I called the property manager and said

"Hey, my basement is flooding! Water is pouring in from the window"

She had to ask

"Is it closed?"

like I was a special kind of idiot.

After informing her that the window was indeed closed (and so obviously not sealed), she then said "Well, have you cleaned out the rain gutters?" Because apparently DIRTY RAIN GUTTERS have the ability to FLOOD MY HOUSE. Idiot.

(sidenote~ even if the rain gutters WERE dirty and clogged, how is that my problem? I have lived in this house LESS THAN A MONTH and shouldn't they have been cleaned after the last people moved out and before I moved in? Recognize.)

Then these words spilled out of her mouth, "I can have someone there Monday."

?!$%&?!!!!! What?! *&%?$*(!!!

As in, "I think you're a big fat liar face and you're basement is not really flooding and if it gets worse, CALL ME BACK."

At this point, DadGuy had to take over the conversating on the phone because I was Not. Having. It.

And now, because I'm so that kind of tenant, I present to you a few of the pictures that I took to document the incident, which will doubly serve as proof for the "I didn't break it, and you're SO giving me my deposit back" clause.

Water, coming in, from the CLOSED window.
Do you see the water line? Proper drainage system not in place.

More of the same.

This is AFTER we pumped out who-knows-how-much water from the basement OURSELVES.
(that's in the window well.)

Damage to the walls (not caused by us.)

again, with the water damage.

So, does anyone know how to get out of a lease in the state of Virginia? Helpful tips and websites and whatnot? I'm very interested.