September 5, 2008

I BELIEVE: in child labor

I'm so very productive today. And my children's have been oh so productive as well. Because, I'm all over that whole child labor thing... in a good way. Yes, people, I make them do CHORES. Not that we call them that. We prefer the term "helping" because that's what it is.

(yes, they have to do those things every day. How else would you earn a button?)

Now I know that they're little and you might be thinking, "they need to be kids!" and "aren't they a bit young?" and the like.

To you I say, "Pshaw."

You see, I think that if you want to wear clean clothes, you should help with laundry. And if you want to eat, well, then you should help prepare it. And if you want to use the bathroom? Then you need to take a turn scrubbing the toilet.

I'm all about the hard labor.

Besides, how else would they get worn out enough to need naps?

(four out of four napping. PRICELESS)