September 20, 2008

About a tooth

"I'm gonna get you!" I hear echoing through the house.

"No you're not!" I hear them racing down the stairs.


I pause, waiting to see what happens next. What kind of scream will it be? Is it going to be the blood curling cry of revenge? Or the sobs of hurt egos? Or is it going to be one of those rare cries that signifies actual pain?

It's the latter.

I hurry down the stairs to see what's happened. Blayne is clutching her mouth, "Owie!" she sobs.

I look her over, no blood, no visible bite marks, no bruising. I pick her up and carry her to the couch. "Let's turn on a video for you.... Cinderella?"

She smiles through her fat tears and nods.

***three days later

"Blaynie, honey. You have to eat your dinner. No more drinks until you take three bites."

"But Momma,"

"No buts. Eat your food."

***three more days

"Honey. What's wrong with her mouth?" DadGuy asks. I have no idea what he's talking about.

"I don't know. She hit the stair railing a couple days ago. Is something wrong?"

"Her tooth. It's bent backwards."

a little hard to see in this one....

see it? Poor girl.

Yes, I missed the fact that my oldest daughter broke her tooth. Mom of the Year, I am.

So we took Blayne to the dentist. They took X-rays. Her tooth will be fine, there's no infection at this point, but the gums haven't tightened up yet. We are on a soft food diet. There's minor discoloration due to the impact, that I missed. And it's lucky it bent back, away from the permanent tooth, and not the other way, because then they would have had to extract it, which means she would have been front-toothless for the next some-odd years. We'll go back for more x-rays in three months to make sure it's healed properly. Bless her heart.

The patient, showing off her pearly whites.

P.S. Pediatric dentists? AWESOME. I want to go. They get balloons AND toothbrushes.