September 22, 2008

I am me.

So, you guys know Sue, right? You don't? That's a shame. Because she's totally awesome and if you tell her you love her she'll tell you you're the prettiest blogger in the land. ANYHOW. the other day, she asked a question that really got me thinking.


Naturally, this got me to thinking. Especially in light of some of the more recent emails and comments I've received. (BTW, did you know I'm totally disgusting? And fat. Ooh, and I'm a horrible mother.... no seriously. I am.)

The thing is, this blog is totally me. Maybe not the first time I meet you. And maybe not at church or the grocery store. But this is me.

There are appropriate times and places to act or not act out on your every last whim. For all my faults, I do have a bit of self control. And while you may think that I'm mean and self-centered, you're only seeing bits and pieces of my life. The bits and pieces that I choose to share with the world.

My life is nothing like you think it is. I'm a very VERY busy mommy. First and foremost. And while you may not agree with the way I parent my children, and you may not believe that such a "shrewd harpy" could possibly love a child the way they deserved to be loved, well, you would be mistaken.

Maybe your way of dealing with things is to send "necessary" emails to people that you don't know from Adam, but my way of dealing with them is to blog. And maybe you think that hiding behind "anonymous" is going to protect you from, whatever. Reality? IT'S NOT. This is MY website, and I can see you. Just because you don't volunteer the information doesn't mean it's not accessible. So, thanks so much for giving me something else to write about for a change. It really is a nice change of pace, don't you think? Or does this qualify me as tacky again? Hot Damn. I JUST DON'T CARE.