September 16, 2008

I Like To Help: part something or other

Don't read interesting/kinda scary books at night. Especially if the premise is finding the historical Satan... Especially if it's past midnight and everyone else is already asleep.

You may find yourself so wrapped in the amazing story line that when you reach the section about demon's slashing out human entrails/gauging out their eyeballs/peeling back their skins and then eating them, every sound in your home will be intensified 1000% and then you might have to turn on every light in the house as you walk down the hall to wake up your husband to turn off the lights that you just turned on. Because you need to be hiding under the covers with the blankets wrapped securely around your feet so that said demons can't grab your ankles and pull you into their subterranean netherworld......

Because your husband might get a little pissy about it. Especially after he turns off the lights, crawls back into bed, and then you ask in a hushed whisper "Will you walk me to the bathroom? I forgot to go."

Then the husband might say that he hopes that the demons DO get you because then he would at least get a decent night's sleep.....

I'm just saying.