July 9, 2008

Surgical Stories

Once upon a time I had a baby. He was just as cute and sweet as could be.

Then one day, I noticed his eye was matted shut.

I dismissed it and blamed it on a blocked tear duct.

Then it got worser and worser-er.

And we found out that the cute little baby didn't actually have a tear duct.

Which started us on an eyeball journey of sorts.

First we had an eye probe.

Then we had an eye tube.

Then we had an eye tube plus some drilling and stuff.

And then, this past Tuesday, July 8, 2008, at the crack of before dawn.....

We had everything taken out.

Doesn't he have gorgeous, chocolaty eyeballs?

mmm-hmmm. He sure does.

We still do have a bit of a problem though....