July 10, 2008


It's a meh day. It's actually been a really "meh" kinda week/month/2008 totally sucks. Maybe it's just me. Wanna know how I feel about it?


Know what else sucks? Having a 2 year old that has quite the fondness for water not being allowed to get his head wet. Sure, let's have a bath. You just sit there and try not to splash.

People, that's not what happens.

I think the whole moving thing is getting to me. What? You didn't know I was moving? Oh, you didn't know we were moving AGAIN. (not that AGAIN is technically correct seeing as how last time we didn't GO ANYWHERE) Maybe it's because I didn't say anything. You know, on account of not knowing whether or not I AM moving.

This is the state of gloriousness I live in.

I'm surrounded by boxes of things and every now and then I'll pack something else up. See, the thing is, we MIGHT. NOT. MOVE. But I won't know until next weekend. At which point, if we decide to move, I have until July 31 to VACATE THE PREMISES. So I kinda need to know if I'm GOING. SOMEWHERE.

Not that "somewhere" has been decided or anything. Oh no, that's too much to ask people. I 'might' move in with family while my husband moves across the country. And I 'might' be able to join him at Christmas.

I also 'might' be able to snap your head off with my little finger, not that I'm stressed or anything.

so there you have it. My official unofficial declaration of moving.

Oh, and just so you're up to speed, we HAVE a job offer. On the east coast. We just don't know that it's something we "want" (and by we I totally mean him.)

We also have our house for rent/sale and people that want to move in... on August 1... In 21 days... that's three weeks... and I won't know until NEXT weekend...

So this is my question, I move out of my house, you don't take the job, and somebody has signed a lease for a year, so six of us live with my mother and (___this is where you fill in the blank_______)

Do you see the problem?