July 22, 2008


DadGuy is back. Phew. He actually came home earlier than expected (because technically, he's still supposed to be gone) Anyways. He came home early and I am moving to


I realize that I need to get to know this state a little better. Because everything I know about Virginia is based on this movie.

And well, that's just a little sad, don't you think?

Which also has inspired a mission of sorts. Because I'm pretty sure Virginia is pretty and all that, but it's not the same pretty as Arizona.

We have the prettiest skies in all the land.
And we have the Superstition Mountains, but you shouldn't go there alone.

And we can't forget about Monsoon Season.
This is Havasu Falls. You know you want to see it in person.

And we have really cool places like this.
So, my friends, I am on a quest to take photographs of my favorite places in Arizona.
Because I'm all sentimental like that.