July 19, 2008


Dadguy is being wooed in VA.

All the kids are really sad that he's gone

Tad's moved into the bitterness stage

He told me I should marry a new Dad that's nice and doesn't leave us all the time.

Tad also has been refusing to get in the car because I might take him to the airport

I've only been on my own for 25.5 hours

Meanwhile, the baby girl slept through the night for the first. time. ever.

"Isn't she like, 14 months?" you ask?

Why yes, yes she is.

I believe in the don't ask don't tell policy

Besides, it's not like any of my other kids ever slept through the night.

In other news, I bought the Twilight series yesterday afternoon

Yes, all three books.

Cause I read fast

I finished Twilight yesterday and am halfway through New Moon.

I ran out of conditioner.

My hair feels hay-ish.

I have three toes

Not really, but I thought I'd throw it in there.

Fine, I lied again. I DO only have three toes.

Sheesh, you're gullible.

Moving on yet again.

I don't have anyone to make fun of.

Because my kids are kinda too little to catch on to the sarcastic side of things.


I really miss DadGuy.