June 14, 2008

We ♥ Babies

Saturdays are great. No plans, no expectations, not a care in the world. So we decided to visit our newest baby cousin.

Now, I have to tell you, being a member of this household guarantees 2 things. One, you will have a big head; and two, you will love yourself some baby.

The kids did awesome. They're pretty good with the babies because, well, they've had lots of practice. Tad reached the baby first. He stroked her hair and whispered sweet nothings to her. Blayne was next, and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Then Mr. Danny Mack saw the baby. Danny is in L-O-V-E with babies. He climbed right up, plopped himself on the couch, and held out his arms.

He rocked the babe, he patted the babe, and once, when she dared make a noise, he soothed her because he knows that babies need pacifiers.

After getting the babe to sleep, he leaned back, and put both arms behind his head...

Then I tried to have a turn. Daniel was not going to share his baby.

We finally agreed that he could hold her body, and I'd make sure her head was supported. But she was not to leave his side.

It was a fun visit, and Jessica? Seriously. You grow cute babies. I expect another one in 18 months or less. Thanks for your cooperation.