June 15, 2008

An Interview: with the children of one DadGuy, well, all except the one that can't talk yet. In her defense, she has a doofy smile when you say Daddy.

What does Daddy do best?
Tad - "Uh, he slaps flies very good"
Blayne - "Um, opens presents?"
Danny - "Dink Pop!" (drinks pop)

Why do you love Daddy?
Tad - "Cause he plays jump rope"
Blayne - "Cause I give him kisses"
Danny - "me me me me me me MINE!"

What do you like to do with Daddy?
Tad - "Jumping Jump Rope"
Blayne - "I likes to have fun"
Danny - "Go. Jeep. Outside"

What is Daddy good at?
Tad - "making circles"
Blayne - "driving"
Danny - "dink Pop!" (drinking pop)

Happy Father's Day
P.S. I think you might drink too much pop.