June 20, 2008

starry starry night

*My sunburn doesn't hurt today. But it looks nasty. Skin peelings, delicious.

*Okay, not really delicious, and I just had a Hannibal flashback. {{shudders}}

*I had another doctor appointment. I'm going to get this done.

*It makes me a little bit sad, but at least there's an end to the madness.

*Unless of course, I continue to be a medical freak, and then I'll end up with one of these.

*Moving on...

*Mack has flooded my kitchen again.

*While I was cleaning it up, he flooded the bathroom.

*Then the other bathroom.

*Then I tried really hard not to kill him.

*And instead, picked up the sopping wet laundry and now have that whole mess

*I guess it's a good reason to actually do the laundry

*Better than running out of underwear

*I thought these little stars would be a good way to summarize.

*Now they're just getting obnoxious.

*aaaaaaaaaaannnndddddddddd end scene.