April 1, 2008

What's up with all the April Fools Posts?

I mean, come on. Doesn't anyone have anything that's really scintillating? I mean, the first one was pretty good. The second one, was almost there. But I'm over it. Especially because some of these? would be really cool.

Do you really think that we're all so stupid as to not realize that today is April Fools? Especially when certain sisters hijack each others blogs? (and for the record, if you're going to tell us that those triplets are 20 weeks? At least get an ultrasound of a baby that is developed enough to pass for 20 weeks. I'm just saying, some of us have had lots of ultrasounds and can see that there's no way that that's right.... and yes, I'm just waiting for you to hijack the rest of the clan....)

Also, why do companies think they need to get in on the action?

Honestly folks. Enough. We're over it.

The. End.