April 2, 2008

What's a Purse?

The oh so classy OhMommy wants to know what's in my purse? She asked, " What do these ladies that fill their homes with FOUR incredible kids carry around?"

So, here it is.

I know it's not a purse. I haven't had the luxury of carrying an actual purse in a few years. BUT, I'm almost there..... Now that only 2 people are in diapers, and I have only ONE actual baby, my load has diminished tremendously....

Let me break it down for you.

concerning toilet habits: we have a pair of underwear for each of the big kids, and a diaper for both of the smaller ones.... I have an extra set of long pants, only one, in case of an accident. Blondie usually wears dresses and doesn't need extra pants... But if she did, they both wear the same size clothes and they're plain ole' jeans. Unisex. And I have a gigantic pack of wipes. (Wipes are used for many, many things besides bums at my house.)

this is my stuff: wallet, tampons, deodorant, lip gloss, a pen and pencil, and keys

stuff that I pretty much always need from one day to the next: gum, scissors, a comb, teething tablets, bandaids in a waterproof case (it's almost sad how much we use this one), hand sanitizer, lotion, and bag balm

*for really nasty accidents? first I take a baby wipe, clean the area up, sanitize it with my trusty Purell (yes, your child will most likely scream. small price to pay to combat infection), put a dollop of bag balm on the wound, and then a band-aid.... and yes, I have also done this to other children, not just mine....seriously. Once, I had to clean up a random kid's head at the Zoo cause the mom was freakin' out too much to stop his head from bleeding. I'm nice like that. You're welcome.

My Favorite Item: Yes, I carry scissors. You'd be surprised how often you need scissors. And for dumb things too. Like cutting the straw to fit in the kid's drink.... (Which begs the question, why don't places have shorter straws? When the straw is three times the length of the cup, it's just asking for trouble. Especially in the hands of a 2 year old.)
And lookey, they fold up nice and easy so that we don't accidentally stab ourselves.

So, that's the content of my bag. Pretty sparse, all things considering.