April 14, 2008

Get Moving Monday!

So we've been together a few weeks now. I'm wondering, what is your motivation for losing weight? To be honest, I've had a really rough few weeks. I've been spazzing out all over the place, joining forums, unjoining forums, not talking to people, not shutting up with others. Most of it was due to going off my anxiety meds. I hadn't had an episode for 2 years, so my doctor wanted to see if I could cope without them.... turns out, I can't. And I KNOW that that was the major contributing factor to gaining all my weight back.

I am happy to report that this week, I'm back on my meds. I'm not having anxiety attacks, and I'm not running out to get a soda every time I feel like I'm losing control. (Which yes, I know that a soda doesn't make me more in control, but boy howdy, they do make a gal feel better.... emotional drinker much?) I've gotten in four Pilate's work outs this week. But I'm the proudest of this: I've gotten up every day.

It's such a silly thing. Waking up. But waking up in the right mind frame is a blessing I will never take for granted. So last week, I woke up. I exercised. I had a shower and played with my kids. I figured out how to do things in moderation. I scheduled myself, and I stuck to it.

I have a long ways to go, but I'm on the right track. I'm definitely moving towards a goal. And that, my friends, speaks volumes.