January 5, 2008

Week in Review

This week has been crazy for us! Everyone's sick and now I'm about 1000% sure Tad's got another ear infection. Go us.

LAST Sunday, I got to go to church all by myself. It was fabulous. I actually heard and enJOYed sacrament meeting.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we did nothing but hang out and whine and eat chicken noodle soup and watch movies. Lots of movies.

Thursday, we repeated the previous days activities.

Friday, Danny had his ophthalmologist appointment. Blah. They've hit a wall and now we're being referred to an Ophthalmic Facial Plastic Surgeon. Who ever thought that a mucky eye would cause so much drama?

(If you click on the picture, it should get nice and huge for you. This is his eye post 2 operations and on a good day. It's matted shut every morning... so sad....)

Saturday, Tad and Blayne went to their Grandma Bingham's house all day. Now before you start thinking of all the fun stuff we could have done, I'll show you what we DID do....

Daniel and Taylor hung out here because let's face it, Taylor doesn't move yet and they both have naps. Besides, I can handle one child, no sweat. It's when I have all four and try to paint that things get a little out of hand. (Meanwhile, the color Danny is modeling is the color my entryway is. ) I also painted one of the kitchen walls a nice green-gray color. (okay, it's Benjamin Moore, October Mist. I LOVE it.)

Sunday = CRAZY. I'm sure all of your guys' was too. Since it's January, all the nursery kids were moving up and everyone has new teachers and the teachers are assigned to different classes. Phew. It's a hectic day for Primary. On the plus side, I have a really fun group of kids for Sunbeams this year, and Blondie herself is in my class! The only bad thing is I guess they wouldn't let Mack into nursery on account of him being sick? Except that he isn't. So now I have to call the nursery leader and be all "Hey, What up? That's just what his face looks like!" It's not allergies. It's not a cold. IT'S. JUST. THE. WAY. HIS. EYEBALL. IS..... sigh. DadGuy didn't know what to say when they wouldn't let him in so he had both babies for 2 hours. Needless to say, his Sunday experience wasn't as uplifting as mine.

And now I hear a baby crying which means I have to feed someone so I'll be back later. Maybe. No promises. We're extra for sick and teething and ear infectiony and I'm sending this to you from the trenches. Alright, I'm out.