January 12, 2008


So I thought that Tad wasn't going to qualify for kindergarten this next year. Except that I just got a mailer and low and behold, he DOES! But since he's born late in the year, he can only go to half day kindergarten (thank goodness. The idea of a full-day kindergarten just doesn't sound sane to me.)

But I digress. I thought I had another year. But no, I have until the 28th. Aack! That's in two weeks! So I start researching all the schools by me and holy flippin cow, the school's by me are horrid! Seriously! So then I check out who's good and I pretty much am going to have to drive him to school wherever he goes. Fine. But now, I'm concerned with "the list" You know, the boundary exception thing. Do I have to be on "the list"? And I know at some schools, (namely the one I want...) you automatically get in if a sibling already goes there. However, Tad, being my oldest, pretty much means, we're screwed.

So now I have to figure out in a matter of 2 weeks how to get on said "list", how to get bumped up, hope to all goodness that maybe there's some kind of lottery or maybe since I'm alumni, that'll count for something. Right? RIGHT?

sigh. I really thought I had a whole 'nother year.