January 14, 2008

Kindergarten part 2

Well thank's for all your Kindergarten input. I suppose I should clarify a few things.

It looks like Mesa is changing the cutoff date to December 31st. HOWEVER, if your Birthday is before September 1, you can go to all-day Kindergarten. If your birthday is between September 1 and December 31, then you do a half-day of kindergarten, then the next year, you do a FULL day of kindergarten. So Tad would do 2 years of kindergarten, then move to 1st grade....

Confusing, I know. I thought we'd be in the MELP program which is for the kids that turn 5 late in the year. Except that we make too much money. (Which is another rant I'll spare for another post...) Yeah, but since you know us Bingham's are rolling in the dough, we can't be in the MELP program so he has to actually register for kindergarten. (and yes, register by January 28 for the fall semester...)

Ey-yi-yi. Kindergarten? You're killin me.